eLodgement is a fast, easy and secure way for industry professionals and frequent lodgers to lodge Titles Queensland forms online.

As well as lodging your forms, eLodgement allows you to:

  • calculate and pay your fees
  • access receipts, lodgement summaries and registration confirmation statements.

Since its inception, millions of documents have been lodged using the eLodgement platform.


Benefits of using eLodgement

  • It is cost effective and efficient.
  • All lodged documents stay in your office allowing immediate access to requisitioned dealings.
  • Reports, receipts, summaries and statements are delivered straight to your reports page following lodgement.
  • A series of training videos and user manuals are available online.
  • Support and Lodgement (confirmation) hours are prescribed as between 8:30am and 4:30pm AEST Monday to Friday excluding Queensland Public Holidays.
  • For preparation of lodgements and other work, the system is available from 6:00am to 11:30pm AEST Monday to Saturday.


What forms can I lodge electronically?

For a list of documents that can be electronically lodged, click here.


Before you start

The eLodgement facility is not for one off lodgements, it is for professionals who use lodgement services regularly.

eLodgement is not the same as Electronic Conveyancing (or eConveyancing). Further information about eConveyancing can be found in the menu above.

In essence, eLodgement allows you to complete and sign titles forms in paper, then scan them in your office and upload the images for lodgement.  To be an eLodger you must sign an agreement with Titles Queensland.  A template copy of the agreement is available here, so you can review the terms and conditions (but please don’t sign this template – we will send you an individualised copy of the agreement to sign).

A list of the payment type methods is shown is here.

Before you become an eLodger, we require you to send us a test image of a Titles Registry Form, so it can be determined whether your scanner is able to produce a multi-page document that meets our system requirements. 

The image requirements are as follows:

 Standard A4 DealingsA3 Survey Plans 
Image:One multi-page *.tif* imageOne multi-page *.tif* image
Resolution:200 x 200 DPI300 x 300 DPI
Compression:Group 4 Compressed TIFFGroup 4 Compressed TIFF
Size:A4A3 Form 21/A/B – Plan of Survey
Colour:Black and WhiteBlack and White

If you wish to start the process of becoming an eLodger, please send a test image to [email protected] with your name and contact details and ensure that it meets the criteria listed above.  If you don’t intend to lodge survey plans, then you only need send a standard A4 dealing and advice that you will not be lodging survey plans.  If you also intend to lodge survey plans, please send us one of each image setting (noting the different resolutions required).

Our team will test the image/s and will notify you as to whether the image/s have met our system’s requirements.  If they meet the requirements, we will send you the eLodgement application forms to complete and return. The whole process may take several weeks.

Training in the use of the system will be delivered by a series of training videos and user manuals.  You will have access to review these as often as needed, via the eLodgement system.

Should you require any further information about eLodgement or the signup process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the eSupport team at [email protected]. For any other Titling enquiries, please use the Titles Queensland Contact page.