eLodgement is a fast, easy and secure way for industry professionals and frequent lodgers to lodge Titles Queensland forms online.

As well as lodging your forms, eLodgement allows you to:

  • calculate and pay your fees
  • access receipts, lodgement summaries and registration confirmation statements.

Since its inception, millions of documents have been lodged using the eLodgement platform.


Benefits of using eLodgement

  • It is cost effective and efficient.
  • All lodged documents stay in your office allowing immediate access to requisitioned dealings.
  • Reports, receipts, summaries and statements are delivered straight to your reports page following lodgement.
  • Training and full ongoing support is provided.
  • Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for preparatory and other work in the system.

What forms can I lodge electronically?

  • Form 1 – Transfer
  • NMF – National Mortgage Form
  • Form 3 – Release of mortgage
  • Form 4 – Record of death
  • Form 5 – Transmission application (grant in Queensland) (no original wills)
  • Form 5A – Transmission application (no grant in Queensland) (no original wills)
  • Form 6 – Transmission application (no original wills)
  • Form 7 – Lease/sub-lease
  • Form 8 – Surrender of lease
  • Form 9 – Easement (only if new plan lodged or whole of the land)
  • Form 10 – Surrender of easement
  • Form 11 – Caveat
  • Form 12 – Writ/warrant of execution
  • Form 13 – Amendment
  • Form 14 – General request (as approved by the Registrar)
  • Form 18 – General consent
  • Form 18A – Registered owner/lessee consent to plan of survey
  • Form 18B – Planning body approval of plan of survey
  • Form 20 – Schedule/enlarged panel/declaration/alteration/additional page
  • Form 21 – Plan of survey (Main plan)
  • Form 21A – Plan of Survey (Additional Sheet)
  • Form 21B – Plan of Survey (Administration Sheet)
  • Form 21Z – Plan Cover Sheet
  • Form 24 – Property transfer information
  • Form 24 – Property information (transfer)
  • Form24A – Property information (transfer)
  • Form 25 – Foreign ownership information
  • Form 29 – Profit a prendre (only if new plan lodged or whole of the land)
  • Form 30 – Mortgage priority
  • Form 31 – Covenant (only if new plan lodged or whole of the land)
  • PNN – Priority notice
  • PNE – Extension of priority notice
  • PNW – Withdrawal of priority notice

How to use eLodgement

You will be provided with a ‘SecurID’ token and password to access eLodgement.

No specialised software or hardware is required — all you need is a computer, scanner and internet access.

The scanner’s settings must be able to scan Dealings at 200 DPI, and Survey Plans at 300 DPI, as Group 4 compressed multi-page TIFF (.tif) images.

With this equipment and a quick training session, you will be ready to use eLodgement.

How to subscribe

Access to the eLodgement system is payable at a rate of $150 + $15 GST per year (note: prices are subject to change). This covers the cost of a SecurID token, training and support.

eLodgement subscription and contact information

  • To subscribe to eLodgement, request an information pack or to make an enquiry about an administrative issue (for example agreement changes) email [email protected].
  • For eLodgement banking enquiries (for example payment of lodgements) email [email protected].
  • For eLodgement technical issues (for example password resets and issues with images) email [email protected].