eEnquiry FAQ

Why are the RSA Hard Tokens being replaced?

RSA hard tokens have served us well by keeping our customers safe when searching through eEnquiries for over a decade. Technology however has moved on and better solutions are now available.

As eEnquiries users will know the RSA hard tokens can be inconvenient and it can be quite disruptive when the battery runs out and the physical token needs replacement.

Titles Queensland has decided to move to a more flexible and modern multifactor authentication solution (MFA) to enable authorised users to access eEnquiries.

The new MFA solution will be progressively rolled out between December 2022 and June 2023. Titles Queensland will be contacting your organisation to make the necessary transition arrangements based on existing RSA hard token expiry dates.

What is multi factor authentication (MFA)?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security mechanism that adds a layer of protection to the login process. It is based on the idea that users must provide at least two pieces of evidence (called “factors”) to prove their identity. Many eEnquiries users will already be quite familiar with MFA solutions as they are commonly used by financial institutions and large corporates.

In addition to your eEnquiries login and password, the extra security “factor” can be selected by the user and can include email, SMS Text or use of an authenticator “App” on a smart phone device.

We believe this increased flexibility will improve the user experience when using eEnquiries.

What are the benefits of the new MFA solution?

Titles Queensland believes our customers will benefit from the new MFA solution in the following ways:

  • No cost
  • No expiry of physical tokens
  • No changes to your eEnquiries account
  • User flexibility in the selection of the additional security factor, the user selects the mechanism which works best for them
  • The MFA solution will continue to provide our customers with the high levels of security they need to access eEnquiries

What MFA solution is Titles Queensland using?

Titles Queensland’s new MFA solution supplier is provided by OKTA. You can find out more information about OKTA and how is works here:

What changes and what stays the same?

What changes is the need to enrol multiple users, there is no longer the ability to share token access between users. Each individual user will now have their own secure digital login.

Your eEnquiries login and password will remain the same.

Will my existing agreement change?

Yes, a new user agreement will be issued to you which reflects the change away from hard tokens. Initially, only your existing users will be prioritised for MFA enrolment, however, once your new agreement with Titles Queensland has been executed and returned, the process of enrolling new users will begin.  If you have questions about your new agreement, please email them to us at [email protected].

Does invoicing change?

Yes. Once your existing hard tokens are due for expiry, we will contact you and begin the process to transition your organisation off hard tokens and onto MFA. From the time when you are successfully transitioned onto MFA you will no longer be billed for user access.

What do I do with my old hard tokens?

Once your users are successfully enrolled into the new MFA please send your expired hard tokens back to Titles Queensland as per the current practice.

Titles Queensland
GPO Box 1401
Brisbane Qld 4001

If you do not wish to continue using the eEnquiries facility after your expiry date, please return your SecurID token along with a letter notifying us of your intention to cease to:

Titles Queensland
GPO Box 1401
Brisbane Qld 4001

I still need help with this, who can I contact?

  • In the event of not receiving the OKTA Welcome email within 24 hours of your MFA service being activated please contact Titles Queensland’s eSupport team at [email protected]
  • In the event that your MFA access is unsuccessful please contact Titles Queensland’s eSupport team at [email protected] and have your MFA id available and the details of your error message.
  • To find out more about the Titles Queensland privacy policy, you can download a copy here: