Our RAP Launch

Titles Queensland’s Reflect RAP was launched on Wednesday, 14th of June 2023.

Our people came together from across the state to join in the first steps of our journey.

RAP Launch event

We were honoured to welcome Turrbul and Gubbi Gubbi Songwoman Baringa Barambah Meeanjinu to Welcome Titles Queensland to Country, by singing the blessing of the gathering, the traditional Turrbul method of Welcoming to Country.

Baringa is the daughter of Songwoman and Lawwoman of the Turrbul people, Maroochy Barambah, who performed a Welcome to Country at our official opening on Tuesday, 26 March 2022.

Baringa wore a cloak made of kangaroo skin belonging to her grandmother, emblazoned with her grandmother’s totem, the owl.

Following the Welcome to Country, we shared stories and connected over morning tea, with refreshments provided by First Nations suppliers. These included native teas supplied by My Dilly Bag, and scones with plum jam from the Bush Food Shop.